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The world today is a chaotic place, where injustices are the order of the day. With little or nothing being done by those with authority to address the injustices.

IONO FM: World Sickle cell Day

Tuesday 19 June was World Sickle Cell Day. Gilmore talks to Sharifu Kiragga Tusuubirau from Uganda who is living with the disease and he finds out how he manages his day to day life.

Keeping children with sickle cell healthy

Uganda has the fifth highest sickle cell burden in the world. Sadly, the greatest majority of our population is not aware.The ministry of Health indicated that 13.5 per cent of our population carries this condition...

Preparing for National Health Insurance

A chronic condition is any condition that requires ongoing adjustments by affected person and interactions with the health care system.

The journey of HOPE from Wandegeya to America — Sharifu Tusuubira

Hope is priceless, and I hold it dearly in the special chambers of my heart, body, and soul. I think that is why my beloved mother named me Tusuubira, which can flatly be translated as “We hope”. It is this name that tells the story of my life.

What next after the Airtel Kabaka birthday run?

On Sunday April 7, hundreds of Ugandans participated in the Airtel Kabaka birthday run to raise funds to fight sickle cell disease in Uganda. Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder which causes progressive organ damage and episodes of severe pain and acute illness.

YALI Voices Podcast: Sharifu Tusuubira champions the cause of those living with sickle cell disease

Sharifu Kiragga Tusuubira’s name means “we hope,” which is exactly what he brings to communities across Uganda in his efforts to reduce the stigma regarding ...