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IONO FM: World Sickle cell Day

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Tuesday 19 June was World Sickle Cell Day. Gilmore talks to Sharifu Kiragga Tusuubirau from Uganda who is living with the disease and he finds out how he manages his day to day life. Sharifu also sheds some light on how being born with Sickle Cell Disease inspired him to work in the medical space and also create awareness around the disease. Featured on the show is multi award winning Zimbabwean Dance Crew - Antivirus, who are currently running a dance for fitness initiative with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle, while having fun. Gilmore plays out with a brand new song KHETHA, from Mimi​e​ Ft Reverb 7.

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Sharifu Tusuubira
Ph.D. Fellow

My research interests include qualitative and quantitative genetics, population genomics, science policy and artificial intelligence.